Wealth Management

As a highly successful business owner or a family managing an extensive estate, your wealth management needs are often more complex than the average individual. You have multiple moving parts to your financial world, and as such, you need a partner who can help you manage the details and ensure every aspect of your accumulation, risk management, and tax strategies are driving you toward your overall goals. Ultimately, a strong wealth management advisor allows you to take a step back from your finances with the peace of mind that everything you’ve worked for is protected and optimized to help you achieve your definition of financial success and harmony. And if you can get that kind of top-notch service right here in El Paso, Texas? Even better.

At Crown Wealth Strategies it is our mission to provide the finest investment advisory services to driven individuals at every stage of life. As your financial advisor, we help you organize your entire financial world by identifying risks so you can choose the right protection and insurance solutions; recommending strategic investments that align with your risk tolerance and goals; and monitoring your progress to ensure your plan is always working for you, no matter how your life evolves. We incorporate all aspects of wealth management into one comprehensive service so that you can simplify your finances and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Wealth management is typically reserved for individuals and families with complex and sophisticated financial planning needs, but at Crown Wealth, we made it our mission to serve driven individuals at every stage of life. Whether you have a multimillion-dollar estate, a thriving business to oversee, or you’re just starting out, you don’t have to seek the expertise of a big-box financial firm to gain access to robust planning resources, personalized guidance, and innovative technology that helps you manage your financial world with ease. You can get all of that right here in El Paso, Texas with Crown Wealth Strategies.

El Paso Heart, National Resources

At Crown Wealth Strategies, our clients receive the personal, family-centric service El Paso is known for, all backed with the national resources and support of New York Life. We believe you should have access to multiple product options and an integrated approach to wealth management, so we work with The Nautilus Group®, a team of planning experts that allow you to have access to the resources available. We founded our firm in this city and we wouldn’t have it any other way—and if you’re not part of our community geographically, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of the Crown Wealth Family. As we’ve grown, we’ve had the opportunity to serve the wealth management needs of clients across the nation. We do this by leveraging innovative technology and adhering to a passionate client-first mentality. We make it a point to establish strong relationships with our clients and ensure that you have every resource available to manage your wealth simply and effectively. Whether you’re here in El Paso or across the nation, you can count on personal attention and exceptional resources for your wealth management needs.

Finances, The Crown Wealth Way

We believe the perfect recipe for successfully managing wealth combines innovative technological resources with committed client relationships. Our goal is to make managing your wealth simpler and more effective, so as a valued client, you’ll have access to a personal Financial Website that gives you an overview of your financial life whenever you need it. This website allows you to manage all of your accounts in one place so you can easily organize and track your goals, monitor your spending, review your portfolio, and more.

When you begin your journey as a Crown Wealth client, we start by getting to know you, your values, and your goals. Clients in El Paso will have the opportunity to visit our office in person, where you’re likely to be greeted with a hug, rather than a handshake! If we’re serving you in another state, we’re happy to hop on a virtual meeting or phone call. Once we get to know you, our goal is to help you understand your financial situation and identify any risks or opportunities we can help you navigate. From there, we simplify the wealth management process by organizing key aspects of your financial world, whether you have a business we need to incorporate in the plan or you’re preparing for you and your children’s futures (or all of the above). We’ll make sure the details are accounted for and that you have a strategy in place for each aspect of your accumulation and protection needs. Our plan may take a few weeks or a year to complete, but our relationship with you is for life—as you grow, we’re here to support all of your wealth management needs, and we start by serving you—one family, one solution, one legacy at a time.