Our team is here to meet each client’s individual goals and dreams, and managing and protecting your wealth is only a small piece of our mission. We take a holistic approach to planning so you can find peace of mind and financial security throughout your lifetime and beyond.


Photo of Lizzie Dipp Metzger

Lizzie Dipp Metzger

Founder and Financial Advisor, CFP®

Photo of Brian Metzger, LUTCF

Brian Metzger, LUTCF

President of Business Development, Financial Advisor

Photo of Javier Zubiate

Javier Zubiate, FSCP

Financial Advisor

Photo of Berthy Nora Aguirre-Corral

Berthy Nora Aguirre-Corral

Financial Professional


Photo of Paulette Acosta-Hayen

Paulette Acosta-Hayen

Director of Client Relations

Photo of Cynthia Loya

Cynthia Loya

Director of Marketing

Photo of Christine Walker

Christine Walker

Director of Operations

The Nautilus Group®

Exclusive Business and Estate Planning Resource

The Nautilus Group® is an exclusive membership-based resource accessible to an elite group of approximately 200 experienced insurance and financial industry leaders who are firmly committed to a team planning concept. Nautilus Members work with affluent, high net worth and business owner clients, professional athletes, professional entertainers, farmers and ranchers, physicians, corporate executives and retired executives.

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Eagle Strategies LLC

Comprehensive Investment Advisory & Financial Planning

Eagle Strategies offers our Financial Advisors a robust platform of financial solutions including financial planning, investment advisory programs, charitable investing, and brokerage services. This wide range of high-quality financial products allows them to construct a tailored strategy designed to meet your specific financial goals.

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